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26 May 2010 by Randall Helms, No Comments »

Last week I mentioned that I am in the process of scoping my dissertation in, narrowing the subject matter to keep from being overwhelmed by possibility; anyways, I am now moving towards concentrating solely on how companies can use social media to engage with and deepen their relationship with their existing customers. In that spirit, here are a few relevant links for today:

The circles (no more strangers) – A brief rumination from marketing guru Seth Godin on how much more valuable true fans are to a company than total strangers, as well as how much easier and profitable to serve. This is relevant to all areas of business, but I think it is particularly relevant to social media, because social media offers you a platform to do things for your true fans like in the following link …

NBA Star Uses Group Buying to Sell Playoff Tickets on Facebook – Amar’e Stoudamire of the Phoenix Suns basketball team has opened a store on his Facebook page that allows fans to group together to buy discounted tickets. What a neat idea for reaching out to and engaging with your fans in a way that actually offers them something of real value.

6 steps to take if your company is criticized in a blog post – Drew McClellan had a disastrous experience at a Dunkin Donuts in suburban New York, and then proceeded to write an extremely scathing blog post about it. Within a day Dunkin Donuts’ Director of Customer Relations was on the phone apologizing and offering to make it good. That’s the kind of situation that tests a company’s commitment to customer relationships – are you willing to go the extra mile to repair the damage done? An interesting little vignette.


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