Social media is not a broadcast mechanism

7 Oct 2010 by Randall Helms, No Comments »

It is essential to remember that social media is interactive.

This may seem obvious, but too often the implications of this are forgotten as marketers try to replicate within social media approaches that worked in the past in other marketing channels. This is the wrong approach, because people do not experience the internet in the same way that they experience newspapers, radio, or television. This is especially true for social media, and it is imperative that marketers remember that because the experience is different, therefore the marketing approach has to be different.

Social media is not just a broadcast medium. Simply putting out a message along the lines of “our brand is really great, you should buy it, and if you do it’ll make you cool” is the wrong approach. It might bear a little fruit, but this is not an effective long-term approach, especially as consumers become more sophisticated and more resistant to obvious marketing messages. Instead, marketers need to remember that the conversation is itself of value, because they can better understand their brand by seeing it through the eyes of their customers. It’s one thing to speculate about the role of a brand in people’s lives, and another to actually understand it.



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