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30 Nov 2010 by Randall Helms, No Comments »

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve recently established my own marketing consultancy, Suitably Social Marketing. I’m still working on the website, but for the moment I’ve written a brief piece on my service philosophy, which is located on the Suitably Social Marketing page. Please have a look!

A brief excerpt:

Suitably Social Marketing is a marketing agency with a simple mission – to help you define and achieve your marketing goals.

You might be wondering at this point – “why would I need to hire someone to help me understand my goals? I know my business better than you do.”

Of course, you are right. You are the expert on your business. No question.

But you might be too close to your work to truly understand its relationship to the wider marketplace.

This is where I come in. I won’t know every operational detail, but I can provide you with a fresh perspective as well as the benefits of my knowledge of marketing, both practical and academic.



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