Our Facebook Livestream of the Royal Wedding

27 Apr 2011 by Randall Helms, No Comments »

The ITN Building, 200 Grays Inn Road, London
The ITN Building, 200 Grays Inn Road, London

So it looks like I lied about getting back to blogging so soon!

The last six weeks have been flat out insane, and there’s not been any time for blogging between starting a new job, moving back to London, and caring for a very small child.


A big part of why I’ve been so busy has been the project that I can now reveal: we are going to be livestreaming the British Royal Wedding this Friday on our new Facebook page at facebook.com/ITN, with a full commentary team and full imagery from the ceremony itself and all the goings-on on the London streets. We’ll be using Facebook’s Comments Plugin on the tab itself so that Facebook users can comment on all the goings-on and we’ll be taking things a step further by selecting the best comments and questions to be read out on-air; and we’ll have a lot of other social media stuff going on during the day.

It’ll be the next best thing to being there!


And just think, you can just watch it in your pj’s and not have to deal with the crush of bodily odour on London’s streets!


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