5 Aug

Social Media Internship at ITN Productions

ITN Newsroom

Short notice, but I’m currently recruiting a Social Media intern to work alongside me for two weeks in September. To find out more, visit the ITN corporate website:

Social Media Intern – 2 week placement based in London

We are currently looking for a Social Media Intern to help promote a project ITN Productions won in June. The role, which will be supervised by ITN Productions’ Communities Manager, involves researching, contacting organisations and using social media platforms to promote the project. The successful candidate will have an interest in Marketing and/or Media, experience of using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and have excellent communication skills.

To apply, please send a CV and covering letter to Deeviya.Ruparelia@itn.co.uk

Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted.

Closing date: Wednesday 8th August 2012.

ITN is an equal opportunities employer.

No agencies please.

If you have any questions, please email Deeviya at the above email address or put them in the comments section and I will try to answer!

27 Apr

Our Facebook Livestream of the Royal Wedding

The ITN Building, 200 Grays Inn Road, London
The ITN Building, 200 Grays Inn Road, London

So it looks like I lied about getting back to blogging so soon!

The last six weeks have been flat out insane, and there’s not been any time for blogging between starting a new job, moving back to London, and caring for a very small child.


A big part of why I’ve been so busy has been the project that I can now reveal: we are going to be livestreaming the British Royal Wedding this Friday on our new Facebook page at facebook.com/ITN, with a full commentary team and full imagery from the ceremony itself and all the goings-on on the London streets. We’ll be using Facebook’s Comments Plugin on the tab itself so that Facebook users can comment on all the goings-on and we’ll be taking things a step further by selecting the best comments and questions to be read out on-air; and we’ll have a lot of other social media stuff going on during the day.

It’ll be the next best thing to being there!


And just think, you can just watch it in your pj’s and not have to deal with the crush of bodily odour on London’s streets!

22 Mar

Big News! (and a small apology)

my daughter, Emilia

Well, I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts in recent weeks – for some strange reason becoming a father has been more time-consuming than I had imagined!

As if that wasn’t enough, over the last month I also interviewed for, was offered, and accepted the role of Communities Manager at ITN Productions, a role which I started last Monday.

A new baby and a new job … quite a month!

So in between traveling to and from London and Edinburgh, dealing with our daughter, finding a new flat, and planning the logistics of our move, there’s not been that much time for blogging … or at least that’s my excuse!

Anyways, I think I’ve now procrastinated enough, and it’s now time to get back into blogging, so please keep your eyes peeled for some new content coming later this week.

17 Feb

Paternity leave

Sorry for the lack of posts this week … on Monday, my wife ended up going into labour a few weeks early, so I’ve become a father a little earlier than expected!

I will have some new content next week, though. Promise.

13 Feb

You would think …

the new Facebook photo viewer
The new Facebook photo viewer, as viewed on my netbook

… that Facebook’s engineers would try out their new photo viewer on some different size screens before rolling it out more widely.

As you can see from the above screenshot from my netbook, this doesn’t seem to have been the case. I’m sure this new popup viewer looks fine on big desktop monitors, but it scrunches images up to show them on lower resolution screens, such as the one on my netbook.

It’s hardly the end of the world, but it’s a little annoying, since it reduces the quality of my Facebook experience. I don’t really like peering at tiny photos! Oh well, this change seems set in stone, so for the moment I will have to resign myself to clicking F5 to get back to the old photo viewer, which hopefully they won’t switch off.

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11 Feb

How to embed YouTube video on a Facebook Page

London Road, Edinburgh

One of the hot topics at the moment is social video, the use of video as a means of connecting with audiences socially. Video is a wonderfully effective tool and, because every now and then people ask me how to embed video on a Facebook Page,  I thought that it might be useful to the wider community to write a brief post explaining how to do it.

It’s really not that hard to do, so there’s no reason to be scared.

The first step you need to do is add Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language) to your page, which can be done here by clicking on ‘Add to My Page’ on the left (below the image), where you will have the option of adding it to whichever of Facebook Pages to which you have administrative rights.

Having done that, go to your page and then go to Edit Page, and then click on Apps and you will see FBML in there. Click on ‘Go to Application’ (you might need to enable it first), and from there you can give it a title and add your content, using HTML and CSS. In terms of the video itself, you need to use the following FBML code:

swfbgcolor=”000000″ imgstyle=”border-width:3px; border-color:white;”
imgsrc=’http://img.youtube.com/vi/YouTubeURL/2.jpg’ width=’340′ height=’270′ />

You want an example of how this would look?

Easy enough! If you wanted to embed a YouTube video of Goldie’s drum n’ bass classic “Inner City Life” (and wanting to do so would show that you are someone of great taste and distinction!), the FBML code would look like the following:

swfbgcolor=”000000″ imgstyle=”border-width:3px; border-color:white;”
imgsrc=’http://img.youtube.com/vi/x8u7MNG-ug8/2.jpg’ width=’340′ height=’270′ />

Simple stuff! If you want to see this in action, check out the Video of the Week tab on the Facebook Page for my dj alter-ego, Pearsall.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

8 Feb

Check out Social Media Week

Sorry for not posting for a couple of days, it’s been a bit manic behind the scenes here! Hopefully I’ll have time for a proper post tomorrow, but in the meantime, it’s definitely worth checking out Social Media Week, where some very interesting conversations are going on all week.

Thanks to Dawn Dunlop for the reminder!

4 Feb

Things that perplex me: The Daily

Given the massive resources of Rupert Murdoch’s global media empire, why is his new iPad-only newspaper The Daily currently available only in the United States?

I’m pretty perplexed by this, especially since it’s not like the distribution costs would be any different, and there are a number of English-language media ventures that have long since spread to audiences beyond their notional ‘homelands’, such as The Economist, the Financial Times, and the New York Times.

Perhaps it’s to do with advertising revenues?

In any case, it will be interesting to see what happens with it in the coming months – from watching the live webcast of the launch, it certainly looks very slick, so the question will be whether or not the content is worth paying for. They’ve been clever in launching it through Apple’s service, because the iTunes store is so frictionless for making payments that it just might upend the prevailing reluctance to pay for online media content.

2 Feb

A few facts on the iPad so far

holding my iPad

Since December I’ve been doing research for one of my consulting clients on the market for applications for tablet computers such as the iPad. It’s been fascinating work, since it’s there is still so much potential for mobile applications in general, and tablet applications in particular.

Anyways, I’d like to share, with their approval, some of the key facts about the iPad’s performance so far.

Since its April 2010 release, the iPad has sold over fifteen million units globally, including 4.2 million units in Q3 2010. In doing so it has beaten even the most optimist analyst forecasts of about seven million units shipped by year’s end. It’s not a stretch to say that it has was 2010’s biggest consumer electronics success story.

According to consumer research firm MyType, early iPad owners “tend to be wealthy, sophisticated, highly educated and disproportionately interested in business and finance,” whilst an early analysis by Yahoo of traffic arriving to their suite of sites from the iPad indicated that iPad owners were disproportionately male, disproportionately aged between 30 and 54, and more interested in finance, sports, and photography than the typical Yahoo user. Needless to say, this is a coveted audience, which is why there were almost 38,000 iPad-specific apps in Apple’s app store by October 2010 at an average cost of about $5, although some analysts believe that iPad owners are willing to pay far more for iPad apps than for iPhone apps, and that developers should be able to raise their prices without sales suffering too much.

However, this is just the beginning, since it looks like the iPad sales are due to explode over the next year – some analysts are predicting that Apple will sell over forty million iPads next year. If iPad sales do reach that level, that then opens up many new possibilities for app producers.

31 Jan

Monday digest

@sonicrampage's Twitter profile

Those of you who follow my Twitter feed, @sonicrampage, will know that I frequently post links to interesting stories about social media, technology, and business. Twitter being what it is, it can be very easy to miss out on these links, which is why I’ve decided today to repost some of the links (as well as some other interesting stuff I’ve read in the past few days). These twelve stories cover a lot of different ground, but I think that they are all useful and thought-provoking.


A Picture of the Global Starbucks Economy (from The Atlantic)
Affiliate marketing: death of the long tail? (from Econsultancy)
Android Tablets Gain Ground on iPad in Q4 2010 [REPORT] (from Mashable)
App downloads to soar (from Warc)
CMOs look to find revenue growth from social media in 2011 (from MackCollier.com)
Egypt shut down its new with a series of phone calls (from Wired’s Threat Level)
Google’s Social Struggles Behind Schmidt Departure? (from Socialnomics)
Quora Underscores Need for Corporate Ambassadors (from Logic + Emotion)
The 9-5 hours of social media are 24/7 (from Contently Managed)
Why the boss thinks 125,000 monthly pageviews mean failure (from ComMetrics)
With 15m sold it is happy anniversary Apple iPad [infographic] (from The Wall)


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