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I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post more this week – life (and the World Cup, sadly) has got in the way. Anyways, as a small consolation, here’s a selection of interesting marketing links for the weekend:

7 Social Media truths you can ignore and still be successful – A sceptical look at some of the overblown must-do’s that are often thrown around about how to be successful at marketing through social media. Useful, given the tendency towards hyperbole on the part of many social media marketing practitioners.

Consumers placing brands under scrutiny – The global economic crisis has changed the way customers make purchases, with new criteria like value, design, and ethical concerns coming to the fore.

Does the internet make you dumber? – Not directly about marketing, but a very important article about the effect of internet usage on our brains. Worth reading and pondering the consequences for communicating messages over the web.

Food marketers face death by a thousand cuts – Public health advocates are changing tactics in their fight against junk/snack food manufacturers in the US. Will changing regulations lead these brands to shift promotional efforts to less-regulated social media?

Q&A: Reviewing and responding to online comments about your brand? – Dave Chaffey talks through several different approaches to dealing with online conversation about your brand. Interesting stuff; make sure you also check out the USAF media governance chart.


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