Facebook hits 500 million users

23 Jul 2010 by Randall Helms, No Comments »

One of the stories in social media (and in business, really) of the last few days is that Facebook has now hit 500 million users. Sure, this has been expected for some time, but it is still incredibly impressive, all things considered. To celebrate, they’ve launched a series called Facebook Stories to collate people’s stories about their use of Facebook. It’s somewhat interesting, and worth a flick-through.

In any case, 500 million people is a lot, but it is important for marketers to not get carried away – although technically you have access to this many people, finding your customers is still a tricky act, especially because so much of what happens in Facebook happens behind (virtual) closed doors. It’s an amazing tool, but understanding how best to use it is still a work in progress for most marketers, despite the claims of the legions of self-appointed ‘social media gurus’.


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