On second thoughts

23 Jul 2010 by Randall Helms, No Comments »

… it’s probably better to wait a few months before passing judgment on the efficacy (or not) of the Old Spice campaign. This is one of the hazards of blogging that I have noticed over the years – that the need to come up with immediate opinions often leads to such opinions being made hastily without due consideration. Obviously, I am not a particularly prolific blogger, but even so, I fell into the trap yesterday. It’s clearly far too early to be able to know whether the Old Spice campaign will be a success in terms of sales or not. Yesterday, one of my interviewees said that it is going to be an iconic campaign, similar to the Cadbury Dairymilk gorilla from a few years back, and I would tend to agree with him. Whether or not it will change the brand’s fortunes in the long term is a different issue – a good campaign can’t necessarily save a bad product.


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