Merry Christmas!

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So, just as an addendum to Monday’s post, in the end we never actually left Edinburgh on Tuesday, since our flight to London was cancelled and even we had gone down earlier, the connecting flight to Florence was cancelled as well!

Just to build on the point I was making then, we were fortunate that we were checking the BA website the night before obsessively, so we knew that our flight was cancelled from about 9pm.

Why fortunate?

Well, BA’s email and text about the cancellation only arrived at about 3:30 in the morning, which is after when we would have woken up if we hadn’t already known (since it was a very early flight). For us, that wasn’t such a big deal, because we were in our own home with regular internet access, but I’m sure that finding out officially at such a late stage would have been much more problematic for people who were staying in hotels or having to travel down to Edinburgh for the flight. Operationally, it wouldn’t take too much to send out the emails and texts once the flights had been officially cancelled, so that people would have more time to make alternative arrangements.

We were fortunate, since we have rebooked for Friday and, fingers crossed, this should be less chaotic by then.

Anyways, enough of my moaning!

Suitably Social Marketing would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I’ll be doing a bit of light blogging between now and the New Year, but the main thing I am working on at the moment is setting up the site, which will be live in January 2011.


Randall Helms



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