Edinburgh in the Snow (A Photoblog)

19 Jan 2011 by Randall Helms, No Comments »

The Meadows in the snow, Edinburgh, December 2010
The Meadows, Edinburgh, December 2010

Before I go on, if you want to read something interesting about social media, try Royal Pingdom’s fascinating report about the key numbers relating to the internet in 2010. Really, really, thought-provoking stuff, particularly the estimate that 107 trillion emails were sent last year. Wow! Every now and then people suggest that email is dead, but I am never convinced by those arguments – it may no longer be a central part of the online experience, but is that any reason for it to be consigned to irrelevance?

Anyways, the point of this post is not to discuss social media (which I will be doing more of in the days to come), but to do something different, namely to post a follow-up to October’s post of some photos that I took on a walk around Edinburgh with my wife.

These pictures were all taken on sequential days in early December, right after the worst snowstorm to hit the city in over fifty years … when the snow still looked beautiful, since a few days later it had turned into a combination of horrible grey slush and fearsome sheet ice. Anyways, the pics include some from walks that my wife and I took through the part of Holyrood Park near our Meadowbank flat, as well as a walk we took from Morningside through the Meadows.


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